View to the Manuals of Organ Name of the Factory which made the Organ


Choir and the Pipe Screen
Last Renaissance Choir - Refuge of our organ Last Renaissance Choir - Refuge of our organ Last Renaissance Choir - Refuge of our organ
Pipe Screen Pipe Screen Pipe Screen
Console from all Sides
From the Left From the Front From the Far From the Right
Drawknobs of the 1st manual (Great Organ) A little bit unusual look to the mechanism of coupler I/P The same look but from afar Drawknobs of the 2nd manual (Positive) and Pedal
Choirs One of the abberations of the electrician
Pipes of the separate divisions (1620 pipes in total)
The 1st manual divison (Great Organ) The 1st manual divison (Great Organ) Pedal division, in front devastated pipes of Posaun
The 2nd manual division (Positive) Notice at the door of the 1st manual division (strictly practical nature)
Pipes of the 2nd manual (kornet, gemshorn, lieblichgedäckt)
The 2nd manual division in the real light conditions
The separate parts of the mechanism
Trackers of the drawknobs of 2nd manual and pedal (console) Trackers of the tones (console) Trackers cross (below the floor) Trackers of the 1st manual tones (wooden pipes belongs to Burdon 16')
Detail of the trackers cross (5 stages) Devastated trackers of pedal Take notice of different tracker prothesis And this is not the only place like that
Behind the scenes
Now the most used tools to repair our organ Did you lost a resonator? Doesn't matter, use a flue pipe! Even the organ repairman has been shocked by that hybrid
Broken tongue of Posaun What can be stored in that large case! Posaun is no more utilizable without a general repair!
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