General Repair of the Organ

The technical state of our organ is unfortunately no longer the same as it was in the 1887. The instrument is aging, the pipes were severely polluted by plaster due to the works and reconstructions in the church and last but not least, the pipes suffered from several incompetent actions which led for example to breaking of tuning wires and to overall damage of the trackers and pipes. Some of these damages are documented in the Photogallery.
Consequently, the general repair of the instrument is becoming necessary. However, it is beyond our capability to finance the whole project from our resources. For this reason we are asking You, art-loving visitors of our site or church, for Your help!
We have arranged numerous activities which offer You a possibility to gain information about the organ as well as the church (guided visits, concerts). Moreover, You can bring a part of the magnificient sound of our instrument to Your home (we have recorded a CD). We believe that some of these activities would catch Your interest and that You would help us reconstruct this wonderful organ, which was worth a special visit of an organolog from Saxony, to its former splendour!

CD Organ Recital from the St. Stephan's Church in the New Town of Prague

Envelope of the CD The disk was recorded completely with the organ of the St. Stephan's and its repertoir is relatively uncommon. Apart from classical organ compositions from the époque of Baroque and Classicism, You can also find jazz there. Indeed, the jazz music sounds very surprisingly and suggestively when played on the organ and it is certainly worth listening to this non-traditional record, I promise You a very enjoyable musical experience.
Furthermore, these compositions were recorded by the best personalities of czech jazz scene... Karel Růžička, Petr Volný and Vít Pospíšil.
In addition, all the interprets have disclaimed their pay so that the whole sum from the sale could be used for the repair.

Detailed repertoir of the CD and previews

You can buy this CD directly during a visit of the church or at any time in the parsonage. You can also send an e-mail to and we can send You the CD via post. send You the CD by the post.
Minimal price is CZK 250,-

Planned Activities

Date & TimeNameMore information
2009-9-13, 13:30European Heritage Days / Prague 2 Days
2009-9-19, 10:00European Heritage Days / Prague 2 Days
2009-9-20, 13:30European Heritage Days / Prague 2 Days
Total activities found3

Table of donations to the repair up to now

DonorContactDescription of the donationFinancial sum
SOFTCOM GROUP, spol. s r.o.http://www.computershop.cz100CD + BOX for the Organ Recital CD
HP, Česká Republikahttp://www.hp.czCartridge (2x tri-colour, 2x black) for the Organ Recital CD
Anonymní dárciPurchase of the Organ Recital CD + donations for the repairCZK 45,500.00
Janssen-Cilag s.r.o. for the repairCZK 20,000.00
TotalCZK 65,500.00
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